Surron Ultra Bee 300mm Rotor

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Surron Ultra Bee 300mm Rotor


Elevate your Surron Ultra Bee’s braking performance with our 300mm Rotor and Caliper Adapter Bracket, ideal for Supermoto use. This setup offers exceptional stopping power and heat dissipation for high-speed applications.

300mm Rotor: Enhances braking performance, especially designed for on-road use.

Caliper Adapter Bracket: Ensures perfect fit and stability for the Surron Ultra Bee.

Additional Options: Rotor sizes of 240mm and 260mm are also available to suit different riding needs.
Note: The 300mm rotor is optimized for road use. Offroad use is at your own risk due to the powerful braking capabilities which might affect control on loose surfaces.
Upgrade to superior stopping power with our tailored rotor and bracket, and experience enhanced safety and performance on your rides.

NOTE: Inventory fluctuates constantly! If an item is out of stock at the time of order you will be contacted with options. 

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