Where do we ship? We can ship to virtually any address in the world. However, there are restrictions on some products, and some products cannot be shipped to international destinations. This can change without notice at any time. If you purchase an item that cannot be shipped to your destination you will be refunded and the order cancelled. International customers should note that shipping costs are exactly that, the cost to ship the item/s. These costs do not include taxes or duties that may be levied by your countries customs department upon arrival. We have no way of knowing what every country may (or may not) charge and do not include that in the shipping costs. Contact your countries customs department for details. 

When will my wheel order ship? Shipping times for all custom-built wheels can vary by many factors including the time of year they are ordered, the colors chosen, and the availability of parts. General turnaround time for custom wheels is roughly 2-4 weeks. However, in the busy season (spring and summer in the USA) that can be pushed back to roughly 6-8 weeks and—while not often—can even reach 10-12. We do everything we can to get your wheels as quickly as possible and if at any time we run into an issue or longer delay, we will reach out to you with options.

Will selecting expedited shipping speed up my delivery date? Selecting an expedited shipping option will not decrease the time it takes for wheels to be built. However, if you do select an expedited option, it will mean that when the wheels are ready, they will ship quicker than the standard options. Please note, some orders are drop shipped to you directly from the manufacturer. With drop-shipping we do not have the ability to choose the shipping carrier used. However, since they ship directly to you, the option will always be the quickest since the item would not need to first come to us and then us to you.  If you require a specific shipping option please note that in checkout or Contact Us.

Is signature required? Yes! All wheel orders require a signature for delivery! So, when you get your tracking number plan ahead for the package’s arrival. The value of these items is too high to allow for them to be left on a front porch, they MUST be signed for. If you need to make other arrangements for the package such as change the delivery to another address, contact us or you can change the delivery address yourself by signing up for free at UPS My Choice.